11 Jul 2022

Strategic partnership between Al Shirawi Enterprises and Titan Aviation

Strategic partnership between Al Shirawi Enterprises and Titan Aviation

AL SHIRAWI ENTERPRISES are proud to announce the signing of a strategic agreement with TITAN AVIATION, solidifying our common goal: the deployment of electric refueling and electric vehicles in the region.

2 companies and 1 shared vision: “to lead airports decarbonization thanks to zero emission vehicles and pioneering electric refueling technologies in the UAE and beyond.” TITAN AVIATION, French global manufacturer of aircraft refueling vehicles has joined forces with AL SHIRAWI ENTERPRISES to deploy innovative zero emission solutions in the Middle East region and reduce the environmental impact of ground support operations. TITAN AVIATION is at the forefront of electric refueling technologies having started development over 4 years ago, with units already in operation with international oil companies and into-plane operators.

AL SHIRAWI ENTERPRISES are long-term key players in the support of refueling vehicles in the UAE but more than that, the well-known company is recognized as leader in the distribution of trucks across the Emirates. AL SHIRAWI ENTERPRISES also takes pride in its sophisticated ‘after-sales’ services, which ensure maximum customer satisfaction and uptime in the various sector in which it operates.

The consortium of companies is now ready for deploying their forces to offer zero emissions turnkey aircraft solutions in the region from hybridization of existing refueling units, electric chassis swap and refurbishment to delivery of brand-new hybrid or full electric refuellers (including dispensers). Supporting sustainable airport operations, zero emission refueling is now a proven reality.