O.Rentals has been a market leader in Forklift Rental Service, Warehouse Equipment Rental Service, and Crawler Crane Rental Service since 2006. In addition, the business provides services such as training courses in accordance with UK regulations and has implemented a wireless remote fleet monitoring system for its fleet. We sell the industry's best value items backed by exceptional customer service over an area of 32, 520 sq. m at Dubai Investment Park. At O.Rentals, we assist our clients in focusing on their core business and maintaining their competitive edge by assisting them in keeping up with the newest technology and infrastructure without straining their resources on large expenditures. We assist you in increasing your productivity by allowing you to pay for what you want when you want.

With such a vast fleet, you can be confident that you will have the proper size equipment at the right time. Our in-house experts and highly qualified technicians ensure that all hired equipment works properly. Our flexible rental contracts range from a day or a week to a month or a year, or longer for up to seven years. As the best rental solutions in the UAE, we are the first people you should contact for crane rental services, material handling equipment rental, and any other equipment rental requirements.

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We offer a full spectrum of solutions to fulfil the needs of our world-class partners. Explore them below.

Still Forklifts Rental Services

Warehouse Equipment

Crawler Cranes

Remote Fleet Monitoring System

Forklift Operators Training

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