Al Shirawi Contracting:

Al Shirawi Contracting Company, a member of the reputable Al Shirawi Group of Companies, was founded in 1971 and has since successfully completed some of the UAE's most prestigious projects. After establishing itself as a leading waterproofing contractor, the company leverages its experience to offer repair, refurbishment, and maintenance solutions to existing structures with Al Shirawi Futureproofing. As a one-of-a-kind solution provider, Al Shirawi Futureproofing helps extend the service life of constructed assets by delivering an assortment of services essential to the correct upkeep and maintenance of a building's envelope and systems.

Al Shirawi Futureproofing offers concrete repair and strengthening; anti-corrosion coatings; protective floor coatings (epoxy, PU, polyaspartic, etc.); specialised nanocoatings to maintain the colour and gloss; concrete and metal waterproofing; waterproofing of solar mounting structures; soil stabilisation and slab jacking; metal roof repair and renovation; lake lining and renovation; expansion joint covers, and more. The company guarantees higher building life protection and cost savings for clients, with the expertise of a specialised team of skilled engineers.

Al Shirawi Futureproofing has also teamed up with Maxon Technologies, a global pioneer in corrosion prevention and concrete treatment, to provide the region with high-quality anti-corrosive solutions.

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We offer a full spectrum of solutions to fulfill the needs of our world-class partners. Explore them below.

Concrete Repairs & Soil Stabilization

Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Floor & Protective Coatings

Roof Repair & Renovations

Solar Waterproofing

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We have collaborated with esteemed organizations across the world.

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