O.Fence, part of the Al Shirawi Group, is a pioneer in fence design and installation, providing fencing services that are unrivalled in and around the UAE. We recognize that installing fences around your home or business is a difficult effort, but with our fencing solutions, we ensure that your hard-earned money is properly spent. O.Fence strives to deliver exceptional customer service via experienced craftsmanship. It is our first focus to guide you through the whole fence project, from consultation and design to installation.

Our highly skilled and certified fence installers ensure that our clients receive high-quality fencing solutions such as High-Security Mesh Fencing, Medium Security Fencing, Safety Fencing, Gabion, Boundary Fencing, and Architectural Fencing. To survive various climatic conditions, our specialists employ high-quality materials. O.Fence, in addition to being the top fence supplier in the UAE, also provides complimentary equipment such as Gates, Fence Toppings, CCTV, and Electrical Fence Solutions for added safety and security.

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We offer a full spectrum of solutions to fulfil the needs of our world-class partners. Explore them below.

Consultation and Design


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We manufacture standard and customised fencing solutions to meet your requirements, be it for improved security or demarcation or any other need.

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