Al Shirawi Healthcare

With a great desire to work for the welfare of the people, Al Shirawi Group established Al Shirawi Healthcare Solutions to provide sophisticated solutions in medical equipment, medical devices, and medicines to the community. We provide an innovative assortment of medical devices as one of the leading medical equipment distributors and healthcare product suppliers. Our products are created and designed to make a genuine impact on patient care and hospital efficiency by bringing together substantial knowledge in the field of medical equipment research and design.

We are happy to be recognized as one of the top medical device distributors, medical disposable distributors, and surgical equipment businesses in Dubai, UAE. We have collaborated with some of the most reputable global partners to provide our end customers with a highly efficient and agile digital healthcare system, equipped with cutting-edge solutions.

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We offer a full spectrum of solutions to fulfil the needs of our world-class partners. Explore them below.

Medical Devices

Medical Equipment


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We are committed to serving the community with technologically-advanced healthcare systems, medical equipment, and medical devices.


We have collaborated with esteemed organizations across the world.

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