20 Mar 2020

Leminar’s Flame Safe Successfully Tested & Certified at Applus+ Laboratory in Spain

Leminar’s Flame Safe Successfully Tested & Certified at Applus+ Laboratory in Spain

Dubai, UAE, March 20th 2020: Leminar Air Conditioning Industries, the leading manufacturer of HVAC ductwork and sheet metal products in the region, successfully tested and certified its Flame Safe Non-Coated Duct Systems for fire performance at Applus+ Laboratory in Spain.

Flame Safe, which is designed and developed entirely by Leminar, is a cost-effective fire-rated duct system. It was introduced to the market in the early part of 2016, making Leminar the leading manufacturer in the Middle East to produce both Coated as well as Non-Coated type Fire Rated ducts (2hrs and 4hrs rating with EN compliance) within the same facility.

The recent test results have confirmed the product’s strict compliance with the technical specifications required by British Standard 476 part 24 (ISO 6944) 4 hours of fire rating, EN-1366-1 with E-60 classification rating (Highest classification as per EN 13501 Part 3 for Type A and Type Bun-insulated ducts) that relates to a ductwork’s ability to resist the spread of fire. Flame Safe meets and exceeds the stability, integrity, and insulation criteria set forth under this framework. The results also validate Flame Safe’s superior quality and Leminar’s credible manufacturing practices in the region.

Sanjeev Mathur, General Manager, Leminar Air Conditioning Industries, said, “Leminar continues to excel in the HVAC industry with its innovative products and extraordinary services. Throughout time, we have opted for voluntary tests by independent authorities to ensure the quality of the products is maintained. The tests conducted by Applus+ support to increase the reliability and quality of the product with maximum lifetime.”

Applus+ is an independent testing, inspection, and certification company that is in the business of ensuring that products meet environmental, quality, health, and safety standards and regulations.

Leminar Air Conditioning Industries is one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality HVAC ducts and duct accessories ranging from sheet metal GI ducts with GCF 1 type Integral flange system, Fire Rated ducts (both Coated and Non-coated type), Spiral round ducts, Sound Attenuators, Acoustic Louvers, Volume Control Dampers, VAV Boxes, Fire Dampers, and other accessories.

About Leminar Air Conditioning Industries LLC

Leminar Air Conditioning Industries LLC, a member of the Al Shirawi Group of companies and an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is a manufacturing firm that was established in the year 2000 to meet the growing requirements of the HVAC industry and to provide industrial clients in the area with professional and reliable materials. Leminar currently has international tie-ups with Spiro of Switzerland as well as Fenland Fire Rated Duct system and Galloway Acoustics, both from the UK. With three offices and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the UAE, including the region’s largest ductwork manufacturing facility in Dubai, Leminar Industries manufactures sheet metal products that meet the needs of the HVAC contractors.

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