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Thani Al Shirawi

Thani Al Shirawi

Vice Chairman and Group Deputy Managing Director

From a young age, I have been surrounded by inspirational leaders who have been my mentors, shaping the vision, direction, and future of the Al Shirawi Group. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have the founders as my mentors who instilled values of Integrity, Honesty, and Hard Work.

This laid the strong foundation of the Al Shirawi Group and has shaped my attitude towards our businesses. Over the years, even though widespread economic disruptions, we have relied on these value-driven lessons and decisions which have led us to achieve unparalleled economic and social performances. As a testament, we celebrated our 50th year of business in 2021.

We aim to mirror the growth and progress that the UAE leaders have spearheaded, repeatedly reinvigorating our nation, and cementing the UAE as an innovation hub for development.

As the UAE equips itself to meet the ever-growing demands of a technology-focused and interconnected world, we at the Al Shirawi Group also revolutionize. As a group, we focus our collective efforts on exploring exciting prospects for the future. This is widespread across our 10,000+ strong employee base who know that the strength of our team is each individual member, and the strength of each member is the team.

I must emphasize the passion of our senior management and employees who continually transform, finding new ways of sustaining our business models. As a group we have developed a learning environment, utilizing the skills of our workforce and empowering them to grow, expanding their individual knowledge while building the joint knowledge of the group. Our work culture fosters dedicated, talented, problem- solvers focused on performance with teamwork and responsiveness. This has inspired us to take on opportunities, evolve our brands, and better communicate our expertise to truly represent our strengths.

The lessons I have learned through my own experiences, and from the mentorship, I have received from Senior Members of the Al Shirawi and Valrani families, are to look beyond the present and to explore all avenues for new ventures.

I am honoured to be entrusted to carry the torch for the Al Shirawi Group, celebrating our 50th year, as we look towards the next 50 years. I am confident that our collective efforts anchored in our value system will steer us towards a sustainable future for the group and each of our employees.