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Mohamed Al Shirawi

Mohamed Al Shirawi


For over 50 years, the Al Shirawi Group has focused on growth across our core businesses. Thanks to the foresight of the Rulers of the United Arab Emirates, our Group has gone from strength to strength while redefining our core businesses along the way. While this has been an exciting journey, it has not always been an easy one.

I am often asked what the secret behind our success is, and I wish there were a recipe that I could distribute to my colleagues that would somehow bring together the lessons that I have picked up over the last 40+ years in the Group. When I do reflect on this journey, there are nevertheless three key themes that stand out in defining how we have managed to survive during turbulent periods and thrive during growth phases. These three themes are Unity, Hard Work, and Innovation.

The unity of the shareholders of our Group has been a result of the values that have been passed down by our founders. Their unity has been an example for the entire 2nd generation on the “power of one”.

While our Group culture promotes respectful discussions between shareholders, we are also aware that once we arrive at a decision, we are all committed to it wholeheartedly. We have been through numerous economic cycles, yet we remain united on this core principle of the “power of one”.

However, unity means very little if it is not backed up by hard work. I can honestly say that I am fortunate to have a group of CEOs that work tirelessly on their mission to meet all stakeholders’ expectations. This Group is the perfect blend between experience and youth, operating in an ecosystem that allows for support across the Group’s verticals. Our Group’s philosophy promotes hard work with purpose, and this purpose comes from our 10,000-strong employee base who are part of our extended family.

As we look to the future, the key to our continued growth will be innovation. Innovation has always been a bedrock of our ethos, but as we look forward to the future, it will be the essence of our survival. We must adopt technology like never before and steam ahead into a world where the jobs of the future are yet to be determined. Innovation is the only solution in what is becoming an increasingly complex and connected world.

I am grateful to our founders for what they have achieved and for the faith that they have placed in me. Together with my partners, I now look forward to taking the legacy of our founders to new heights.