A relationship ignited by proximity and formed by trust

Partnering with his friend Abdulla Al Shirawi who had a shop opposite his own near the souk in Dubai, what began as a foray in the trading business metamorphosed into what is now a globally-renowned conglomerate - the Al Shirawi Group.

His legacy has been carved in the history of the UAE, to be forevermore reflected in all the Group’s businesses - businesses that have shaped the destiny of the nation for 50 years and counting.

"A difference of opinion is necessary, because it forces you to think. And while there will always be a difference of opinion, the success of any business lies in its ability to effectively manage conflict."

Shaping a future of possibilities for the nation

Ranked 10th on the Forbes List of top 100 Indian leaders in the UAE in 2014, Mohan Valrani continues to influence the course of the Al Shirawi Group, serving as a mentor. He also spearheads the educational interests of the Group, playing a pivotal role in shaping the leaders of the future.

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